Three Steps to a Younger You with the AZURE Triple Lift Treatment!

When thermal-based RF collagen remodeling meets radiofrequency (RF) fractional skin resurfacing and is combined with the aesthetic results of an injectable dermal filler, the result is a completely new facial treatment called the AZURE Triple Lift Facial Treatment!

Our Signature Triple Lift combines Fractora’s RF Micro-Needling with FORMA’s skin tightening for excellent anti-aging results. As the first step, Fractora is a unique fractional ablative system that combines mildly ablative dermal heating by RF, inducing tightening with variable depth, pin-based fractional RF ablative resurfacing (read more about Fractora on the AZURE blog HERE). The second step in the Triple Lift treatment uses the FORMA handpiece to deliver non-invasive, non-ablative dermal heating for collagen remodeling (read more about FROMA on the AZURE blog HERE). Featuring ACE Technology (Achieve, Control, Extend), the FORMA allows users to achieve  optimal temperatures, control the thermal profile and extend the temperature without concerns of overheating. These first treatments address two concerns in the three D’s of aging: degeneration and decent, and clients are extremely pleased with overall skin texture and appearance following their Fractora and FORMA sessions. To address the third “D” of aging – deflation – clients complete the FracTotal treatment with an injectable dermal filler for volumization or the application of SkinCeuticals Hyaluronic Intensifier for a less-invasive option.

For more information on how this treatment can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, call our skincare experts at (250) 277-2290, send us an email or follow the links below to read more information on the AZURE blog and blogs on our sister site


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