Absolute Azure

4 hours
Our ultimate Spa package. Begin this fabulous treatment with a cup of comforting tea, followed by a warm and relaxing steam shower. A Full Body Massage and the Azure Facial relax your mind and body. Finish this service with our Supreme Pedicure, for tranquility from your head to your toes.


Cottonwood Escape

4 hours
Treat your body to the healing touch of Jade Stones. Reduce inflammation and toxins that can leave you feeling run down. A full body Jade Stone Massage will allow your body to feel rejuvenated. Let us complete your service with the addition of a Supreme Manicure and Supreme Pedicure, to leave you in a state of pure bliss.


Cranbrook Retreat

2 hours
Feeling the dehydration blues? Book this package for a full body hydration. Begin this treatment with the Azure Facial to re-hydrate and moisturize your skin. Tailored to your skin type this facial is great for everyone to reveal the beauty from within.  A full body exfoliation removes all dry skin, leaving it smooth and supple. An application of our premier James Read self-tanner will leave your skin with a beautiful glow.


Fraser Get Away

1 hour and 30 minutes
Need a quick pick up after a long busy day? A 30 Min massage will have you feeling comfortable and relaxed. Allow us to melt away the stress and tension with our custom scented oils, massage, and hot towel compresses. This service is completed with the Azure Facial.


Couples' Wellness

2 hours
Unwind with your loved one, and allow us to treat you to the gift of pure wellness. A couples full body massage with soothe aching muscles, while a Total Pedicure will leave your toes feeling like you’re walking on clouds.


/2 people