NoMiNoU ActiveWear

NoMiNoU is a fresh and innovative eco-friendly activewear brand made in Canada. The label is known for its distinctive designs and tribal print leggings, which feature adaptations of original artwork created either by the late mother of NoMiNoU’s founder or by international artists that they collaborate with. NoMiNoU started as a personal journey of self-awareness, but it has evolved into a collaborative endeavour that celebrates every woman’s individuality and the acceptance of her origins. Their aim is to uplift women in their everyday lives and make them feel beautiful in their own essence.

AZURE stocks a variety of leggings in full length and capri, as well as an assortment of tank tops, hoodies and scarves, and our staff will do our best to honour any special order requests our clients may have. All of our NoMiNou leggings, capris and shorts are made from a blend of 12% spandex and 88% recycled polyester, which is made from recycled PET (a 100% post-consumer recycled raw material that is derived from recycled post-water bottles). This is an eco-friendly fabric that provides ease of care and durability.

The leggings and capris feature a French-style gusset for an ideal fit and overall look, and scarves are printed with high quality methods to ensure that colours will not bleed or run.

Rather than treat the fabric with chemicals to achieve wicking and antibacterial properties, NoMiNoU uses a 100% natural treatment called ChitoSanté, which is the only antibacterial bio-agent in the world certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. ChitoSanté is made from chitosan, a naturally-occurring fiber found in crab and shrimp shells. The makers of Chitosanté extract chitosan from these shells to create a substance that provides durable antibacterial and wicking properties to fabric. This ensures our fabrics remain hygienic and odour-resistant without requiring chemical treatment, and it also finds a new use for crustacean shells that would otherwise be thrown away as waste. Note: ChitoSanté is entirely safe for people with shellfish allergies because it is non-protein based.

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